Comprises the 28 DFIs that signed the harmonization MoU. Discusses and decides on all issues relevant to our group.

Additional DFIs can potentially become members by signing the MoU.

Group activities are facilitated by the Member Collaboration Space.


Comprise other (non-DFI) entities (e.g., standard setters, NGOs, impact investors) that have relevant expertise to contribute to the discussions and activities of the Whole Group and that have successfully petitioned to become observers.

Observers may provide input to discussions and activities taking place within the Whole Group but have no voting power and cannot become members of the Steering Group.

The Group currently comprises 4 non-DFI institutions.


Comprises 4 to 6 members, elected from the Whole Group for a 2-year term; to ensure representation, it always includes at least 2 bilaterals and 2 multilaterals.

Provide overall guidance on the work program and priorities.


Comprise entities (e.g. clients, other private companies) that use the harmonized indicators to track their development results and that have registered in the website as users.

Indicator users do not provide input to the activities of the Whole Group. Through registering in the website as users, they are recognized as such for the benefit of increasing their reporting credibility and may receive relevant communications and updates from the Whole Group.

Decisions are made by consensus, and we resort to supermajority vote only in specific cases when consensus cannot be reached.