After the 2019 Madrid HIPSO Annual Meeting, HIPSO members agreed to further collaborate and leverage each other through cross-fertilization, exchange of experiences, information and views, joint projects monitoring and learning experiences. The members identified a need to put in place mechanisms that could facilitate such collaboration. This was necessitated by the respective shareholders of Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) who are continuously asking for more collaboration and alignment in our processes and systems.

This need was also enforced by some views amongst DFIs that, HIPSO needed to broaden its mandate beyond harmonization of metrics. To this effect HIPSO has set up Work Streams to Foster Collaboration on Content around thematic areas and sectors that were identified as areas for more knowledge sharing amongst DFIs to include: (i) environment/climate, gender; (ii) sectors/sub-sectors such as financial intermediation, infrastructure; (iii) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) alignment; and (iv) Direct jobs and Indirect/induced job estimations, etc.


HIPSO Work Streams will outline the main activities and expected outcomes to be delivered for each of the identified thematic/sector/sub-sector areas. These should include topics of common interest to HIPSO members that members could consider going forward.

The Streams will hold webinar sessions on a monthly/bi-monthly basis, with discussions around their area of focus to share progress made, findings and next steps.

The Work Streams will remain actively engaged throughout the year and initiate knowledge sharing activities e.g. sharing their knowledge products with the Whole Group, and on the HIPSO website. They are also expected to report to the wider HIPSO Group during plenaries at the HIPSO Annual Meetings.