April 14 th , 2020: ILX Fund becomes the 4 th member of the HIPSO Observer Group.

January 2 nd , 2020: International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC) becomes the 27 th  DFI to be a party to the HIPSO MoU.

December 3 rd , 2019: The Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) becomes the 3 rd member of the HIPSO Observer Group.

30 th  September - October 1 st , 2019: HIPSO 2019 Annual Meeting, Madrid, Spain
Context for the meeting

: The 2018 HIPSO Annual meeting provided a platform for rich discussions on wide ranging development impact issues, in addition to facilitating the revamping of the HIPSO initiative. During this meeting, one of the fundamental discussion points revolved around the usage of the current metrics by member institutions, and there was a general view from Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) to revisit/revise the HIPSO metrics given the shift in focus/priority areas for DFIs, in addition to the adjustment of their results measurement systems.

As a follow-up to these discussions, a survey for the Whole Group was launched earlier on
this year, and an analysis was done to assess the extent to which the metrics should be
revised. Based on the Whole Group’s feedback and discussions, DFIs widely expressed a
desire to broaden and enhance the scope of HIPSO by adding sector/cross-sector
indicators, and those that capture market-level effects, in addition to adding increasingly
significant thematic indicators for example climate mitigation/adaptation, and inclusiveness (underserved - women, youth, and rural populations etc.).

  • Objective of the meeting:  Using the survey recommendations as a basis, the main objective of the meeting is for DFIs to compare notes and to discuss the
    revised/additional indicators that they suggest being included in HIPSO based on their respective institution’s development impact assessment systems. Additionally, there will be updates provided on the progress of other related topics e.g. HIPSO metrics alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which is critical given the amplified role of the private sector in achieving the SDGs, hence an increased emphasis for DFIs to report on their contributions towards the global SDG agenda; and how we can leverage the revised HIPSO indicators to provide a common understanding about what constitutes good practice in results measurement, to complement the Impact Principles with a more consistent approach in the implementation of the measurement aspects of the Principles. See Agenda here

October 11-12 th , 2018: HIPSO 2018 Annual Meeting, Thessaloniki, Greece

Based on the Whole Group’s feedback and discussions, we agreed that the use of HIPSO
indicators among participating DFIs has helped to reduce reporting costs for clients, who
previously endured an unintended burden from the DFIs’ different reporting requirements, and they have served as platform for knowledge sharing among DFIs and for the development of other linkages, for example to the IRIS catalog.

We now have an opportunity to build on the success of the HIPSO indicators to serve as a
foundation for a new agenda, given the new opportunities and challenges in the development landscape for HIPSO DFIs. See agenda here.

October 10 th , 2018: Council of European Development Bank (CEB) becomes the 26 th  DFI to be a party to the HIPSO MoU.

September 24 th , 2018: Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) becomes the 2 nd member of the HIPSO Observer Group.

September 3 rd , 2018: Mastercard Foundation becomes the 1 st member of the HIPSO
Observer Group.

Photo Courtesy of NORFUND